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The customer care number of BlackBuck is 1800 258 2222 and the email id is

BlackBuckBanglore, Karnataka1800 258

More about BlackBuck

In the bustling heart of India’s tech landscape, a revolution was brewing, poised to transform an age-old industry. The brainchild of an ambitious visionary, BlackBuck emerged as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the world of trucking. As we delve into its fascinating story, we’ll uncover the inception, hardships, accomplishments, and exciting future of this remarkable company.

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How It Started

Picture the year 2015, when the Indian logistics landscape was a labyrinth of inefficiencies and challenges. Delivering goods from one corner of the nation to another was an intricate puzzle burdened by opaque pricing, unreliable tracking, and paperwork galore. It was in this tumultuous setting that BlackBuck was born.

The brain behind BlackBuck was Rajesh Yabaji, a dynamic and driven entrepreneur who aimed to bring transparency and efficiency to the road freight industry. Armed with a background in engineering, Rajesh set out to harness technology to address the pain points that plagued the industry for decades.Rajesh’s journey was far from a walk in the park. Convincing traditional truck owners and operators to embrace a digital platform was a colossal challenge. The lack of technological literacy and resistance to change were formidable adversaries. Moreover, the complex web of regulations and bureaucratic hurdles added layers of complexity. Yet, Rajesh persisted.


BlackBuck’s ascent was nothing short of meteoric. Through its digital platform, it connected shippers with truck owners and drivers directly, eliminating middlemen and reducing costs. This disruption led to a surge in efficiency, propelling it into the spotlight. The company’s commitment to fair pricing and real-time tracking struck a chord with the industry, transforming the way logistics operated.

In recognition of its impact, BlackBuck received accolades and funding from global investors. The company’s innovative approach bagged awards, including the prestigious Economic Times Startup Award for Supply Chain and Logistics.

As BlackBuck gazes into the future, its vision is grander than ever. With the foundation of technology firmly established, the company aims to expand its footprint across India and beyond. The goal is to revolutionize the entire logistics ecosystem, incorporating AI and data analytics to optimize routes, predict demand, and enhance the overall experience for shippers and truckers alike.

In an exclusive interview, Rajesh Yabaji shared, “Our journey has just begun. We’re working on creating an ecosystem that not only streamlines logistics but also uplifts the lives of truckers. By providing financial and healthcare services, we’re ensuring their well-being.”

At its core, It isn’t just a logistics company. It’s a testament to the power of innovation, determination, and the unwavering belief that change is possible. From its inception in the throes of a traditional industry to its current position as a tech-driven disruptor, It embodies the spirit of transformation.

The tale of BlackBuck reminds us that challenges are the crucible in which innovation is forged. Rajesh Yabaji’s vision and perseverance have propelled the company to unprecedented heights. As we look ahead, it’s clear that BlackBuck’s journey is one of continuous evolution, driven by the mission to reshape the world of logistics. With technology as its compass and the indomitable human spirit as its engine, BlackBuck is navigating toward a future where efficiency, transparency, and progress reign supreme.


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